Whynter Ice Cream Maker Reviews in 2022

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In this article, I have the most up-to-date reviews of the Whynter Ice Cream Maker, which has been one of the new top brands on the market. Let’s check it out!

It is more expensive to make a cup of ice cream than to buy one at the shop. However, it is much more fun and exciting to make ice cream yourself, especially when you do it with your kids or your family. Besides, the ingredients are not very complicated. You can easily find some at the supermarket. So why don’t you try making ice cream on your own?

To make ice cream, you should first start with the ice cream maker and some essential ingredients. This article will show you a detailed review of the typical product of the Whynter Ice Cream Maker – one of the top brands in the market right now. Let’s check out what you can do with this machine!

Whynter Ice Cream Maker

About Whynter brands

Whynter is a famous houseware brand that is famous for a variety of products, including air comfort, portable air-conditioner accessories, refrigeration, and hygienics. Besides, Whynter will provide a solution for your lifestyle and outdoor living too. You can find in its category dishwasher, ice cream makers, cigar humidors, and more.

The primary purpose of the Whynter is to provide you with exceptional products to make your daily life easier and more comfortable. Yes, Whynter products don’t only focus on convenience but also comfort. All of the products are flexible, portable, and space-utilization. As a result, you can take advantage of their products once you need it most.

Whynter machines come with a very reasonable price and excellent warranty policy. So you can trust this brand and invest in an ice cream maker for your incoming summer. Let’s check out what they can offer you!

Whynter Ice Cream Maker Reviews

This article will give you a detailed review of the typical ice cream maker of Whynter: Whynter ICM- 200LS Stainless Steel Ice Cream Maker.

Product’s Detail

The Whynter ICM- 200 LS is 2.1-quarts. It is a domestic product that is available on Amazon, and you can always find a good deal here. And this machine also comes with a self-refrigerating compressor.

About the capacity, the maximum machine capacity is 1400 ml (1.48 quarts) – the remarkable ability that you will hardly find one. The Whynter Ice cream maker can produce 1.69 quarts of ice cream with a 14% overrun.

And here is some technical information about the ICM-200LS:

– Stainless steel housing

– Voltage: 100/120V 60hz

– No pre-freezing required

– Cooling temperature: -0.4 degrees F to -3 degrees F

– Product dimensions: 11.25 x 16.75 x 10.25 inches

– Item weight: 24.25 pounds

– Material: stainless steel

Picture: Amazon.com

Product’s Design

The Whynter ICM – 200LS is stainless steel, and it looks aesthetically pleasing. It is not very heavy, so you can easily store and move it into your kitchen. The stainless steel material makes it best for a modern-design kitchen. It can also work pretty well on the standard dedicated US household circuit.

On top of the machine, you will see a LED screen to show you some technical information about the ice cream making process. Besides, the control buttons are located here, too. The control buttons contain the menu button, start and stop button, and power button.

Besides, the next part is a crystal clear lead, which allows you to add ingredients and also observe the process of making ice cream. Overall, it has a basic but trendy design.


The dasher rotates of this machine are 25 revolutions/ minutes, lower than the commercial tools. But it is not a big problem if you want to make a small amount of ice cream. Moreover, with this machine, the low dasher rotates is a big plus, which can result in dense ice cream texture.

For use, I recommend that you should turn the compressor on to reduce the temperature for about 14 minutes before adding an ingredient. Although it could take time, it will result in a better-finished product than the usual way.


Whynter ICM- 200 LS has an aluminum freezer bowl, which is about 2.1 quart. Besides, the machine also comes with an attached handle for easy removal. When running, the ice cream maker can offer you two different maximum capacities of 1.26 quarts and 1.48 quarts.

And the producers suggest that the mixture should not exceed 60% of the maximum capacity to prevent overflowing. So the real size of this machine is smaller than your expectation. And in my experience, this machine can create the best-quality ice cream if you don’t exceed 1.06 quarts. Of course, you can make it more, but the texture of the ice cream will not good.

The Temperature

The temperature is a critical feature of every ice cream maker. The draw temperature is the primary cause, which can decide how much your ice cream is frozen. And the ideal temperature for removing ice cream from the freezer bowl is about -5 degrees C.

The Whynter ICM- 200LS has an excellent draw temperature of -10degree C if you try to make less than 1.27quarts ice cream. If you want to do it more, the draw temperature will be -degree C. This is the impressive number that can confirm the best taste for your ice cream.

Picture: Amazon.com

Other Features

Firstly, it is straightforward and quick to extract the ice cream thanks to the ample space in the large bowl. You can finish this step in a few seconds with a wooden spoon. Secondly, until now, I have no problem when removing the dasher. And it helps to improve the ice cream making process.

Thirdly, the extraction time of Whynter ICM – 200LS is more extended than another machine, especially when you try to make more than 1.3 quarts of ice cream. Besides, it is straightforward to clean this machine because you can remove the dasher easily. However, you can’t put any accessories of this machine into a dishwasher.

And what I like most about this product is the noise. It is so quiet that you can sit next to this machine and work with no problem. Lastly, the outcome of this ice cream maker is a huge plus, too. The ice cream is super creamy and smooth, and it can remain the pure flavor of every ingredient.


  • Stainless Steel material
  • Good looking and simple to use
  • Easy to storage and effortless cleaning
  • Reliable built-in audible timer
  • Tasty outcome


  • Low-quality base


Final Words

After experiencing this machine, I received excellent results with smooth, creamy, and dense ice cream. And I think it is enough for this machine to be at five stars. Besides, since it is hushed and easy to clean, it is the ideal machine for modern kitchen all over the world, even when it is a domestic product.

I hope that my Whynter Ice Cream maker review will help you to understand more about this product. I hope that the information about Whynter ICM- 200LS Stainless steel ice cream maker enables you to make the final decision and have a memorable experience this summer.


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