Donvier Ice Cream Maker Review

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So if I have a little money, can I make my ice cream at home? You can do that with Donvier Pint Size Ice Cream Maker.

Today, there are many types of home ice cream machines on the market. These machines can always meet the most demanding chefs. The price of this machine is not cheap. So if I have a little money, can I make my ice cream at home? You can do that with Donvier Pint Size Ice Cream Maker.

Donvier Ice Cream Maker

Devices on the market are often expensive. The price is expensive because of its brand, design, mechanism and function. These machines often have ice cream modes. You can make unique types of ice cream with these modern machines.

A home ice cream machine usually has at least 5 ice cream modes. Are those modest necessary? Users never use all the modes that the manufacturer attaches.

If you are looking for a simple machine with the sole function of making ice cream so Donvier is your choice. This machine has no redundant details. It does not have an enormous size, but very compact. It has no unnecessary functions. It has only one function: making ice cream. And especially, this machine is very cheap.


About the Donvier brand

This is a brand specializing in various types of mini ice cream machines. The company does not have product diversification but focuses on product specialization strategy. For brands of the same product category, Donvier is a reputable firm. The company ranks first in the list of mini ice cream products.

Donvier has achieved so many achievements because it knows how to build strategies. As for the company, Donvier used a strategy that focused on only one product. This requires patience and career love.

Features of Donvier Pint Size Ice Cream Maker

The construction of this machine comprises three key parts. It is the outer part (including the bowl and lid); pivots and frozen bowls. with such simple parts, you can make the perfect ice cream.

We make the outer shell of plastic, with the primary color being white. A bit of decorative blue motifs decorated on the surface of the shell. This is a hard plastic material, not fragile and can use for long. The shape of this machine is like a medium-sized cup. Material of the plastic machine to save the most cost.

The spindle part comprises two parts: the spindle part and the handle part. It connects the two parts through a hole in the middle of the lid. The lid is not useless. When the user rotates, the lid works to keep the machine from moving.

Finally, the frozen bowl. Also known as an aluminum cylinder. This is it makes the machine core of aluminum. Inside it contains a refrigerant called Chillfast. This is the main substance that makes frozen bowls cool and ice-cream. They have certified it that Chillfast is safe for a human body. Thus when using this machine.


  • Compact design.
  • Easy to carry out.
  • Easy to use.
  • Cheap price.
  • No danger of use.


  • Material is plastic so broken.
  • When using it takes a lot of energy and time.
  • The volume of the device is not large.


How to use Donvier’s Pint Size Ice Cream Maker

Before making ice cream, we have a few notes for you. Because the freezing bowl is the principal tool for making ice cream, place it in the fridge for 3 – 4 hours before use.


Step 1: Prepare the mixture of the ingredients

This mixture includes egg yolk, fresh milk, sugar, condensed milk. You should not use this machine to make fruit ice cream. Because this is the simplest type of ice cream machine. Its function is not enough to make fruit ice cream. But, if you are a fruit lover, you can use fruit syrup instead. Or if you want to use fresh fruit, use their juice along with fresh milk.

You should make sure you grind and mix all ingredients together. Because this machine does not have the function of mixing materials.


Step 2: Put the mixture in the bowl and stir well

You use the machine’s rotary tool to rotate the mixture. This is the hardest step when using this machine. Because this is not an automated machine. So you need to use the strength and toughness of your hand. Rotate the shaft for 15 to 20 minutes. Once the ice cream mixture gets colder and thinner, then you can stop.


Step 3: Achievement your achievement

With a few simple steps, you can get a cool cream. This mini is simple to use and requires no power. Because this is the simplest type of ice cream.

The quality of the resulting ice cream is not inferior to that of other expensive ice cream machines. Because the operating nature of these two types of machines is the same. The only difference is human intervention.

Expensive machines have an automatic mode, and you need not waste any effort. And the Donvier Pint Size Ice Cream Maker needs your hands.


The most basic ice cream recipe

This recipe is Classic Vanilla Ingredients (For one Print): You need 1 egg,  cup sugar,  cup milk,  cup cream and 1 tsp vanilla. All you need to do is mix the mixture well and use the Donvier Pint Size Ice Cream Maker.

All you need to do is following my guide above. You will have a piece of ice cream with a moderate sweetness. With this recipe, the ice cream does not contain too much sugar. This cream is very suitable for children.

In case you want to eat fruit-flavored ice cream, use juice. Change the recipe a bit to suit your taste. Put half the juice and half the fresh milk. Your ice cream will taste fruit and still ensure the softness of the cream.



Today, people prefer home-made ice cream methods. With today’s diverse product range, consider many conditions before buying an ice cream maker at home. Unless you need an ice cream maker every day, you need to invest in an expensive machine.

If you’re a temporary hobby, consider Donvier Pint Size Ice Cream Maker. Affordable and easy to use are two factors enough for your taste! If you’ve ever used Donvier Pint Size Ice Cream Maker, share your experience in the comments. Your comments will be helpful to a lot of other people.


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